IJA Equipment Mini Guide

Basic equipment for an IJA Enlisted Man impression.

1: Helmet & Net
2: Field Cap & Neck Flap
3: Helmet Cover
4: Hachimaki
5: Tube Pack
6: Shelter Half
7: E-Tool & Cover
8: Backpack
9: Mess Tin
10: Tabi Boots
11: Houkou Bukuro
12: Belt
13: Front Ammo Pouch
14: Rear Ammo Pouch & Oiler
15: Canteen
16: Bread Bag
17: Puttees
18: Boots
19: Bayonet & Frog

~ by m1pencil on January 3, 2010.

6 Responses to “IJA Equipment Mini Guide”

  1. Where can I find IJA boots?

  2. where could I find this equipment for a somewhat reasonable price?

  3. Love your site. Lots of info! Using your fieldwork to get my IJA gear complete. Keep it up! Thanks for all the efort you put into it.

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