Objective, Burma!

Objective, Burma! is a 1945 movie about American paratroopers fighting in Burma. Errol Flynn stars as Captain Nelson who is dropped with a group of paratroopers into Burma to destroy a Japanese radar station. This movie caused huge protests in the UK because of the movie’s Americanization of the Burma operation. Since the US also captured the Enigma machine i guess it is OK that they defeated Japan in Burma on their own. 😛 Despite (or maybe because of) its age this movie still looks really good. Mainly because a lot of real WW2 equipment was used, in this regard it looks way better then many of the 60s/70s movies full of crappy gear. If you can overlook a few flaws and do not take it too seriously it is a good movie to watch.

~ by m1pencil on January 5, 2010.

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