Tokyo Marui/ Mosquito Molds M1928A1 Thompson

Airsoft Tokyo Marui Thompson with Mosquito Molds M1928A1 conversit kit and CAW wood kit. Combines the super reliable Marui internals with great looking externals. Have used this gun extensively for years, only failed me once and that was because of my own stupidity and not the Marui internals. The Mosquito Molds kit is currently the only way to get a decent looking Airsoft 1928A1, the Cyma 1928 not only features a wrong stock but also the wrong body (M1A1)! Funny that Cyma includes a drum mag (which is actually nice by the way) with their 1928, in “real life” a drum mag will not fit a M1A1 body… The Mosquito Molds kit is not perfect as it only replaces the upper body still it comes very close and is of great quality.

– great quality metal kit
– easy to install
– metal can be blued
– looks the deal

– kit does not replace the lower body
– very rare and expensive

1928A1 with drum mag

Close up of the rear sight, it can not be adjusted. VFC did this better on their B.A.R.

ps that’s not dirt on the sight, its sand from Okinawa πŸ˜‰


Picture of my custom drum mag. I simpley ripped the internals out of a cheap plastic springer mag and fitted a Marui 190 round mag inside. Not he most elegant solution but it works πŸ˜›

With vertical front grip

~ by m1pencil on January 6, 2010.

19 Responses to “Tokyo Marui/ Mosquito Molds M1928A1 Thompson”

  1. This is the best conversion kits ever made, yes it’s a pity it’s no longer in production. One of the weaknesses of the TM M1A1 is the front barrel support is prone to breakage, this kit fixes that and makes the AEG very solid. If you can find this CAW conversion I highly recommend it. It may be re-released again as I see UN Company is selling a completed conversion again.


    • Oh nice! I am wondering if the kit has been re-released or if UN Company managed to get hold of some remaining stock?

      • I’m replying a little late I guess. And reading from the others comments it seems that the Mosquito Molds M1928A1 conversion kit is available once again! πŸ˜€ Oh, by the way, I read that Ares (great airsoft manufacturer!) are soon going to release an M1928A1 Thompson, as shown on their website under “Coming soon”! πŸ˜€ This, according to the picture, looks like a descent looking M1928A1, it does not feature a wrong receiver like the Cyma one yey! πŸ˜› Everything seems about right πŸ˜€ I will probably order that in time, cuz I think it will be easier to get a hold on that rather than the Mosquito Molds kit.. πŸ™‚

  2. I actually asked on UN company how many of those Mosquito Molds 1928A1 Thompsons they had in stock and they said that they only had one, but if I wanted they could send me the parts. So I guess they have not stopped producing the M1928A1 conversion kit after all, since UN company could still get a hold on them. I also checked on CAW (Craft Apple Works) official homepage and they still sell the kit there πŸ™‚

  3. The CAW metal and wood parts kit is once again listed as available from Dentrinity as of this posting date.

  4. Nice very nice would you happen to know if this would fit a cyma thompson caus i want one of these badly please respond back.And where did you get it and for how much?Thanks

  5. IIRC the CYMA Thompson is a copy of the Marui one. So it should fit. I got my kit several years ago, they are now available again at for example.

  6. @simon mayb its just the knew king arms thompson i can b wrong and also when the first cyma 1928 thompson was on the coming soon list on some airsoft websites it looked just liked that picture on the ares website it can be an other remake of the tokyo marui and cyma and king arms thompson but i hope im wrong

  7. @simon they also made a mistake they put on the thompson m1a1 they put thompson m4a1 but that can be easily changed

  8. @simon and also not to bring your hope down but if they do come out with rite reciever it will be mayb more expensive cause m1a1 recievers are much easier and cheeper to produce but

  9. do u guys know where can get a Tokyo Marui/ Mosquito Molds M1928A1 Thompson

  10. The Mosquito Molds conversion kit is quite rare and difficult to find. I know of no shop that has one for sale at the moment 😦 Marui Thompson is available at for example.

  11. Hey m1pencil I was woundering if you were willing to sell me the thompson you got? you can reach me at my names Art Im really interested please email me. thx!

  12. I got a kit a while back and the rear sight is crooked, and advice on straightening it out?

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