Nanking! Nanking! City of Life and Death

“Nanking! Nanking!” aka “City of Life and Death” is a Chinese movie directed by Lu Chuan.  The film deals with the Battle of Nanking and its aftermath (“Nanking Rape/Massacre”) and caused quite some controversy in China because of the way a main Japanese character is portraid. The movie is gripping, dramatic and shockingly brutal. Makes you really wonder what man can do to man. It’s a long time since I felt this numb after watching a movie. The movie is masterfully shot in black and white, some of the camera work is simply amazing.

Mandatory viewing!

Do yourself a favor and don’t watch this movie in crappy quality split up mini parts on youtube. You will just ruin the viewing experience. This movie deserves better. Check out the Chinese DVD or Blu-ray disc, excellent PQ and english subtitles.

Here is the trailer, sadly it does not portray the feel of the movie very well, its too much focused on the action which is not a very big part of the movie:

~ by m1pencil on January 13, 2010.

One Response to “Nanking! Nanking! City of Life and Death”

  1. Amazing film, but unfortunately not available in germany, IIRC. A same interessting film might be the story of “john Rabe”, who saved ten thousends of lifes during the “rape of naking”

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