4th Marine Division UNIS Guide

The “Unit Numerical Identification System” was used to hide unit identities. The 4th Marine Division used this system to a far greater extend than any other Division during WW2. Each Marine Division was identified by a geometrical shape, in case of the 4th Marine Division this was a semi circle. Enclosed within the shape was a 3-digit code. An additional number stenciled above the semi circle denoted the rank.

Here is a list of how the 3-digit code works:

100 series: Division HQ
-HQ Battalion
HQ Company 101
Signal Company 102
MP Company 103
Reconnaisance Company 104

200 series: Service Troops
-Service Battalion
HQ Company 211
Service & Supply Company 212
Ordonance Company 213
-Motor Transport Battalion
HQ Company 221
Transport Companies (3) 222-234
-Medical Battalion
HQ Company 231
Medical Companies (5) 232-236

300 series: 23rd Infantry Regiment
HQ Company 301
Weapons Company 302
-1st Battalion
HQ Company 311
Company A 312
Company B 313
Company C 314
-2nd Battalion
HQ Company 321
Company E 322
Company F 323
Company G 324
-3rd Battalion
HQ Company 331
Company I 332
Company K 333
Company L 334

400 series: 24th Infantry Regiment
(system see 23rd Infantry Regiment)

500 series: 25th Infantry Regiment
(system see 23rd Infantry Regiment)

600 series: 14th Artillery Regiment
HQ & Service Battery 601
-1st Battalion
HQ & Service Battery 611
Howitzer Batteries (3) 612-614
-2nd Battalion
HQ & Service Battery 621
Howitzer Batteries (3) 622-624
-3rd Battalion
HQ & Service Battery 631
Pack Howitzer Batteries (3) 632-634
-4th Battalion
HQ & Service Battery 641
Pack Howitzer Batteries (3) 642-644

700 series: 4th Engineer Battalion
HQ & Service Company 711
Engineer Companies (3) 712-714

800 series: 4th Pioneer Battalion
HQ & Service Company 811
Pioneer Companies (3) 812-814

900 series: 4th Tank Battalion
HQ & Service Company 911
Tank Companies (3) 912-914


1 private First Class, 2 Corporal, 3 Sergeant, 4 Lieutenant, 5 captain, 6 Major, 7 Lieutenant Colonel, 8 Colonel, 9 General

Here is an example of an original UNIS marked 4th Marine Division P41 Utility Jacket:

Please see my previous post for a marked e-tool cover. More to come!

~ by m1pencil on January 15, 2010.

25 Responses to “4th Marine Division UNIS Guide”

  1. Very cool! I found this to be very informative. Quick question, what was the numerical designation for the battlion weapons company? I’m gonna guess 5?

  2. Hi! There is conflicting info about this. Probably 5 is correct. Some sources list “2” as weapons and “5” as recon though.

  3. Wow! Incredibly informative and the only quality bit of info I have seen on this! My granddad was 1st marine division, k-company-3rd battallion 7th marines. Does that mean he would have the sign with 333 in the center and his rank number above?

    • Hi, not so sure about 1st Division UNIS details. I concentrated on the 4th Division so far, marking uniforms & gear was far more common with this division than with any other. There can be differences in the divisions UNIS, the 5th Division for example had 4 digit code, the first number denoting the rank.
      Tac mark for the 1st Division was a horizontal diamond: https://m1pencil.wordpress.com/2010/02/01/usmc-tactical-markings/
      IIRC the 1st used a three digit code like the 4th.

  4. I have a T handle shovel cover with the 4th marines marking and the numbers read.. 402 on top of the half oval there is a 1 what unit is this? And any clue what the 1 stands for?

  5. Hi I have a pair of winter tanker bib overalls with a number 4 above the half circle and what looks like a 6 below it. In the half circle there is K3. The winter overalls have that “been there” look with alight blood smudge on the knee and light blood spatter on the legs. Any Ideas?

    • Hi,

      I don’t think the winter overalls saw use during WW2 in the PTO. So maybe this is some post WW2 code system? Or not 4th MarDiv at all?
      The WW2 Tank Battalion of the 4th Marine Division (4th Tank Battalion) used the 900 series.
      My guess would be that your tanker overall was used during the Korean war, IIRC the 4th Tank Battalion saw action there. Maybe the UNIS was
      changed / updated then. Sorry that I can’t be of more help

  6. What would the mark be for H company 2bn 23rd Marines

  7. there was a site from jaroslav jochman that had info on unis info plus info on usmc gear an insignia ww2 onward ….. great info allaround…

  8. I have a marked canteen cover. It has a rectangle with 333. Any idea what unit?

  9. From your experience, does it appear the stencils were sprayed or rolled on the items? Thanks. Great info!

  10. I noticed list above does not designate 111 in half circle, even though your jacket back photo has that marking. I have a named poncho with that marking and also a depot marked canteen cover.

  11. So “C” Company 1st Battalion 25th Marines would be ” 514 ” ?

  12. With a 3 over the half moon for a 1st Sgt ?

  13. So for the purpose of instruction L 3/6 2nd MarDiv could be 634 in a square? And say L 3/5 1st MarDiv could be 534 in a diamond or a solid white diamond with black numerals? Just wondering out loud. Marc

  14. So I can’t find any info on 1st Mar div UNIS. I know they used a horizontal diamond but I don’t know what the numbers mean. I’m making a 1/6 diorama and one of the jackets has a diamond with 522 in the center. Can you help me out?

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