Tanaka M1897 Trench Gun

Tanakas airsoft version of this classic shotgun. Very nice details and good built quality. It is a bit disappointing that the body and outer barrel are not made of metal. The plastic parts do look very nice though and the metal heat shield covers a big part of the barrel anyways. The action is super nice and supposedly feels exactly like the real thing. Like the real steel gun you can load 5+1 shells, each shell holds 3 BBs and gas. Range with 134a gas is OK but not great, sufficient for close quarters shoot outs. There is no hop up (hey its a shotgun! 😉 ). While it is realistic and looks very cool that each shell is ejected after shooting it makes this gun less then ideal for playing airsoft. Shells are not ejected far but you still have to search for and pick up your expensive shells…
All in all a very nice airsoftgun but more suited for posing and indoor fun than for serious airsoft gaming.

Very high quality wood stock & grip

Front sling swivel is a bit to small, you have to widen it a little if you want to use an original sling

Tanaka Shells

~ by m1pencil on January 23, 2010.

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