Marine Corps Slang

Want to impress with some salty oldschool Marine Corps slang?

  • BAM – Broad Ass Marine (Female Marines)
  • Bird on a ball – Marine eagle, globe and anchor insignia
  • Buck Rogers gun / rusty gun – Reising submachine gun
  • The Canal – Guadalcanal
  • Elephant gun – .55cal Boys anti tank rifle
  • Fart sack – Matress cover
  • Gung ho – Chinese for “all together”
  • Nip – Japanese
  • Woodpecker – Japanese light machine gun

Particulary interesting is “Gung ho”, first used by the second Marine Raider Battalion. The commanding officer Evans Carlson personally chose this as their motto. Later on the expression “Gung ho” was used within the whole Marine Corps. It got a multitude of meanings from positive ones like “fighting spirit” and “dedication” to more negative ones like “overambitious” and “overzealous”. There is also a 1943 (B)Movie about the Makin Island Raid by the second Raiders entitled “Gung ho”. Meant to boost morale the movie is full of cliches and historical inaccuracies.

Oh by the way, go get your “Gung Ho Commando Outfit”!!!

~ by m1pencil on February 2, 2010.

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