USMC Mosquito Net Helmet Cover

Officially designated “Net, Mosquito, Camouflage”. They often show up being sold as “sniper helmet covers” but this was not what they were intended for. Unlike regular Marine Corps helmet covers they were not reversible. Meant to protect the wearer from mosquito bites it seems those covers were not well liked. Maybe because they impaired the vision too much or simply because they were impractical to use. Apparently quite a few ended up being used as regular helmet covers. Originals can still be bought at low prices so here is your chance to wear an original helmet cover (of sort) without spending a few hundred $. 😎

Here a corpsman demonstrates how the net was supposed to be worn

Two examples of mosquito nets used as camouflage helmet covers

Another shot of the original net, the straps at the bottom are used to secure the net to the body

~ by m1pencil on February 4, 2010.

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  1. The Dutch Marine Corps (Mariniers Brigade or MARBRIG) was equiped with USMC clothing ans equipment and used these in large quantities during the conflict in the Dutch East Indies 1945-1949.

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