Tokyo Marui M1A1 Thompson

This airsoft gun was released by Tokyo Marui some years ago but it still holds up to today’s standards. It is very well made and the internals will almost last forever. At the time of release most Tokyo Mauri guns where completely made of plastic but with the exception of the lower body and the stock parts the Thompson is made of high quality metal. The fake wood looks OK but real wood obviously looks and feels better. I replaced the plastic stock parts with CAW wood parts. It shoots at about ~280 FPS, not very powerful but in combination with the excellent hop up you can still compete with higher FPS guns. And hey “it’s the man not the machine” anyways! 😀  There is a supposedly very good Chinese copy of this Thompson. It has more FPS then the Tokyo Marui Thompson and is way cheaper. The white markings on the body suck but they can be overpainted easily. I do not know if its long term reliability is as exceptional as the Marui one, probably not..

Close up of the markings. As you can see the Thompson had a fair bit of use over the years. Still works flawlessly.

Here is a comparison pic between the Marui M1A1 and a converted M1928A1. You can see more of the 1928A1 by clicking here.

~ by m1pencil on February 8, 2010.

5 Responses to “Tokyo Marui M1A1 Thompson”

  1. which style do you prefer of the two guns? (just out of curiosity as i want a realistic thompson for airsoft)

    • I like the look of the 1928 a bit better. The M1A1 is slightly more compact though which makes it little more easy to play with. Internally my Thompsons are the same so there are no differences in performance.

  2. I got the chinese copy, upgraded the barrel and other asorted internal pieces and its easily one of my favourites, reaching 330 fps with extremely great acuracy.

  3. ive been thinking about doing the CAW conversion on a marui thompson but don’t have the budget :/

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