782 Gear United States Marine Corps Field Gear & Equipment of World War II

So here it finally is, Harlan Glenns companion book to “United States Marine Corps Uniforms, Insignia and Personal Items of World War II”. Another big fat hardcover book with very good detailed photography and quite a few never before published original pictures. While his first USMC book focused on Uniforms this one focuses on Marine Corps Gear and equipment. As usual Schiffer books have done a great job, high quality printing & paper. Pure eye candy! The book features an incredible amount of Marine Corps gear in all kinds of variations. I don’t think I have seen that much original 782 Gear in a single reference book before. Where other books might show one canteen of a kind for example Harlann Glenn shows ten. There is also some very nice info on how the many different configurations of the pack system where worn and much more.  Again the author himself poses in original gear and he still uses “salty marine” language which is at times a bit annoying.  The passages about the ponchos has been to be taken from his first book without much alteration. So if you own both you will have some double content.

782 Gear United States Marine Corps Field Gear & Equipment of World War II, 236 pages, hardcover, ISBN: 978-0-7643-3355-2

~ by m1pencil on February 9, 2010.

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