Army/P41 HBT Cap

This kind of cap was widely used by the Marine Corps, it is often referred to as P41 cap but it actually is the “ordinary” Army cap, not a Marine Corps specific item. It was sometimes worn with a pin on EGA. The Marine Corps introduced its own cap the P44 late in the war. You do not really see them worn until Iwo Jima.

The cap came right out of a USMC sea bag. As you can see it is very faded and salty. There is a hole in the front, probably from an EGA that was once pinned there. I took one of mine to recreate the old look.

~ by m1pencil on February 17, 2010.

2 Responses to “Army/P41 HBT Cap”

  1. The ega you used here is larger than any I’ve seen on a 1941 HBT cap. Pictured is the large ega from a garrison cap (flat-topped service dress cover). The ega Marines wore on their “dungaree cap” was one of the smaller ones, from the lapel of the service dress uniform.

    • Yes you are right a smaller EGA would have been better, but I guess a very proud Marine would have used the biggest one he could find 😉

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