Japanese Bayonet Manufacturer Guide

Japanese bayonets were stamped with symbols indicating at which arsenal they where manufactured.  Here you can see five examples of arsenal symbols:

Kokura (Tokyo) Arsenal. Changed in 1935/36 from Tokyo to Kokura Arsenal

Nagoya Arsenal

MukdenArsenal (located in Manchuria)

Jinsen Arsenal (located in Korea)

National Denki

Kokura (Tokyo) Arsenal marked Type 30 bayonett

In addition bayonets were normally serial numbered. Before the serial numbers comes a mark indicating the production series. On most bayonets the serial number is located at the end of the pommel.

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16 Responses to “Japanese Bayonet Manufacturer Guide”

  1. I just bought one from a rummage sale, and it has the figure 8 shaped one, but before it, there is what looks like a jewish dradle in a diamond shaped box

  2. This means it was made by a company under “Nagoya” supervision. The diamond shaped marking could be “Toyoda Jidoshoki Seisakusho”

  3. have a bayonet with brass handle. has toyoda jidoshki seisakusho marking. i have no idea if its a bayonet. would appreciate info on what i have. been in my family over 50 yrs.

  4. i dug up a bayonet that is very rusty and the blade is round and i want to know how much its worth and where its from

  5. i dug up a bayonet and i want to know what its worth and where its from it has a carving that says 101 it there is like a figure eight marking on the blade

  6. The bayonet in the photo is exactly the one that I own, my Uncle having won it in combat in the South Pacific. Can you give me some information on the button that is on the birds head pommel? This is a model # 89461, and I believe it was manufacured toward the end of the war at the Kokura plant. There is a prefix symbol (katakana?) just prior to the number that looks like a telephone pole. Straight line, two diagnonal lines crossing (that move downward toward the left) inside a circle. There is also a small mark below the serial number that looks like a bowling pin with ears. The bowling pin is rounded at both ends, and the ears are tiny circles to the left and right of the pin. Any help is appreciated.

    • It’s a release button. To remove the bayonet from the rifles bayonet lug you have to push it.
      The prefix is a series marking, if I understand your description correctly it could be series 38.
      So bayonet # 89461 of the 38th series.

  7. I own a Japanese Arisaka Bayonet – the serial # looks like 1284455 or
    128445maybe a 6 or a symbol any help?

  8. I have a Nagoya arsenal bayonette that I’m researching. This is what I have so far. The pommel is a BHC style, the grip is contoured with 2 slotted screws and nuts resessed, the cross guard is hooked. Last but not least and this is what I have my question about. The serial number on the bottom of the pommel. This is what I could assertain start with a character resembling a D followed by 2716 or2718 ending with another character resembling a O. (D2716O)-(D2718O) and above this is another character resembling two squares stacked on top of each other. With smaller one on top of a larger one on the bottom. “THANK YOU”!!!! For any help you can give. Once more ☺️TANK YOU☺️……

  9. Thanks for this article. A friend found a bayonet and we were able to quickly identify around when it was made using this information.

  10. i have a Kokura Arsenal with a contoured cross guard and wraparound grip. On the bottom of the pommel is a “W” then a symbol with a near vertical line going down right with two almost horizontal lines cutting through the upper portion leading down left, under this is a sweeping check type mark it’s not in a circle as others seem to be finally the number 16067

    If anyone can point me in the right direction or can help ID this I would really appreciate it. The bayonet is in almost perfect condition, I received it from my father and would really like to know all I can about it.

    Thank you

  11. I have the same bayonet as in picture with the metal scabbard. Serial # 35073. My husbands family left Japan just before WW II. Looking to see what the value of this is.

  12. I just got this as a gift I really don’t know what I have. The number in back of it says 10932 can anyone help.

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