Tales By Japanese Soldiers

By John Nunneley and Kazuo Tamayama. The book features memoirs of different Japanese veterans in chronological order of the Burma conflict. It begins with the advance into Burma and the early victories, the occupation , strikes at the China supply routes, and finally the retreats.  Especially memorable are the drawings of a Japanese soldier who witnesses the dreadful retreat. He could not put the horrors he saw into words and painted cartoon like images of what he experienced. Books in english from a Japanese point of view are rare, they are a great insight into to the way of thinking and the motivation of the Japanese Soldier in World War 2.  It is extremely interesting to read about those things in personal tales from Japanese soldiers, it opens up a completely new perspective and helps to understand the Japanese soldier of World War 2 a little better. It’s not all just black and white after all…

Tales By Japanese Soldiers, 254 pages, softcover.

~ by m1pencil on February 24, 2010.

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