Japanese Photo Album Burma

Selfmade photo album from an unknown Japanese soldier. It was taken by a British soldier in 1944. He was a member of the 231 Battery, 114 Jungle Field regiment RA TA, 20th Indian Division. The album was found near Prome in Burma (today: Pyay, Myanmar).

Nice studio shot of the man who probably made the album, note the shin gunto:

Posing at a war shrine:

Some more mixed pictures:

Now a really interesting one, note the one on the right. The pagoda in the back looks like the Shwedagon pagoda located in Yangon. So this is probably where this picture was taken at.

Shwedagon pagoda today:

A piece of newspaper glued inside the back of the album:

Here you can see the album and the letter from the British veteran describing where and when he found it. He wrote “I found these snaps in a Haversack in 1944 near Prome”.

~ by m1pencil on March 31, 2010.

3 Responses to “Japanese Photo Album Burma”

  1. i have one trhat was found inside of an attic in a house in san francisco,california usa. This is a leather bound with 26th on it. has the Imperial rising sun flag on the first picture, the rest is the owner of the albulm. also includes weapons, training place, the last emperor of Japan or his son, post cards, map, his friends, and important military pople on horses.

    Any comments would help me as to what I should do with it. It is in oerfect condition.

    Thank you,

  2. Donate it to a museum!!!!

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