USMC Tarawa Gear

Here is a classic Tarawa set up. It is the only major battle in which almost every Marine was wearing the full P42 camouflage uniform. On Tarawa it was worn “brown side out”.

This is what a Marine preparing to land on Tarawa could have worn (The pack configuration might be (is) a bit of an overkill ;-)). Everything shown is original, no repro stuff.

Click on the following link to see more details including the 782 pack.

On the photos you can see:

  • P42 Camouflage Jacket
  • P41 Suspenders
  • P41 Pack
  • 2 Canteens
  • Ka-bar
  • Cartridge Belt
  • Camouflage  Shelter Half
  • Camouflage Poncho
  • Entrenching Tool

~ by m1pencil on April 13, 2010.

4 Responses to “USMC Tarawa Gear”

  1. Thanks for the guide
    i really cant understand the p41 is it double pack?

  2. Yes it is a “double pack” system. it is composed of a Haversack (upper pack) and a Knapsack (lower pack). See here for more:

  3. Brilliant!! ……. now I can start painting, have been saving my 1/35th Marine and IJA/N kits for a big diorama……ta heaps Scottie

  4. Bit of a quibble with the assertion that Tarawa saw “almost every Marine” in the full p1942 camo dungarees. In fact, only the Second Division was thickly supplied with the camo uniform in November 1943. What’s remarkable about the many photos extant from Tarawa – where Sgt. Norman Hatch’s combat camera unit was beginning to hit its stride – was how many Second Division Marines were wearing mixed dungarees. A camo “coat” paired with plain, sage green p1941 trousers – or vice versa – was a common sight on Tarawa. What one would never see is what’s in a couple of the setups you picture above, i.e., the uniform brown-side-out and the pack roll showing the shelter half green-side-out. If a Marine “got the word” that the order of the day was brown-side-out (as it was for Tarawa), he would make up his pack roll with the brown side of the shelter half showing, not the green side, just as in his utilities.

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