War is hell

Not much time recently to update my blog… as a little compensation two pics of the month 🙂 Hopefully i will get my USMC 782 pack guide up soon…

War is not fun:

The sign reads: KILL THE BASTARDS! Down this road marched one of the regiments of the united states army. knights serving the queen of battles. Twenty of their wounded in litters were bayonetted shot and clubbed by the yellow bellies. KILL THE BASTARDS!

This one reads: here lie four Japs. May they rest in pieces. They fought like hell. ???. Killed by Marines. Buried by Marines. Whipped by God!

~ by m1pencil on June 1, 2010.

One Response to “War is hell”

  1. I have a copy from my father’s estate. He returned from the Battle of Leyte Gulf on a hospital ship and was given a packet of photos. I would like to know more on the origin of the photos but this is the only one I can Identify. There was also a photo of the atom bomb site in Japan in the photos which he gave to someone. Please help, if you can.

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