Japanese WW2 Propaganda

Some interesting Japanese WW2 propaganda materials. Many show two of the main strategies of Japan during WW2: 1.) causing discontent among the allied nations and 2.) portraying Japan as the Asian power freeing Asian colonies from Western oppression.  The “free Asia” strategy seems to have worked for some time and many Asians where eager to gain freedom from the Western powers. Sadly their “liberators” where no improvement to colonial rule by the Europeans most of the time…

“Australia screams. The Aussie: “What was that scream. Something up?”, “The Yank: “Sh..Sh..Quiet Girlie, Calm yourself. He’ll be on the next casualty list. No worry.”

The above comic strip style propaganda was aimed at the Chinese. Showing that Great Britain and the United States where just using them, but not caring about the Chinese at all.

This one depicts President Franklin D. Roosevelt. “America’s Playboy No.1, Valiant Americans this hurts me more than it does you. I am forced to do this in order to maintain my prestige and honor. Also it’s good for my figure you see. So here we go again–alley oops–who’s next?”

“We’ve got oomph and we’ve got curves, we’ve got stars and a lot of stripes, We’ve got passion and we’ve got breasts, We’ve got everything except our desire, and only the crosses mark them here.”

“While Aussies shed their precious blood, ole man Roosevelt finds his selfish aims going according to schedule.”

Leaflet aimed at getting allied soldiers to surrender.

~ by m1pencil on September 21, 2010.

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  1. where do you find value of these?

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