KTW Type 96 & Type 99 Light Machine Guns

I wish, i wish, i had… one of those.  KTWs high end Type 96 and Type 99 airsoft LMGs. If you own one consider yourself lucky (or crazy ;-)), not only that you can spent around 350000¥ (that is ~4000$ / 3000€ at current exchange rates!) on an airsoft gun but also that you managed to get one at all considering the low production numbers.

From what information i could gather they are made in Japan to the highest standards, build quality seems to be truly exceptional. Sadly the internals are ill suited for actually playing airsoft. Both contain an AEP type gearbox, not much firepower for a heavy and cumbersome LMG. But since the Type 96 and Type 99 feature a bayonet lug you can still charge the Allied positions.  🙂 Now you have your CQB LMG!

Why did KTW decide to implement such a weak gearbox? One of the reasons are the strict laws in Japan, everything with a muzzle energy above .98 joules is banned. So why waste the time & effort of developing a new powerful system when you will have to restrict it later anyways. Export was surely not a consideration for KTW considering the extreme retail price and the low mass appeal of WW2 Japanese LMGs. Secondly those guns are primarily aimed at the Japanese collectors market (not just airsofters). Many Japanese hardcore collectors are happy enough with some indoor fun (if you have seen the in store shooting ranges in Japanese airsoft stores you know what i am talking about). 

Type 96

The Type 96 is now available in its second (improved) edition. Weight is about 7.5kg, built materials are mostly steel & aluminum. Stock is oiled walnut.

The infamous bayonet lug:

Bipod mount:

Dust cover:

Rear sight and range adjustment:

Safety/fire selector:

Easy access to the fuse compartment:

Front sight and muzzle:

Carry handle, if you remove the pin behind the handle you can quickly remove the barrel (like on a real type 96):

Battery compartment:

WW2 production markings (Kokura (Tokyo) Arsenal), the number on the bottom is the serial number, each LMG carries an individual one. First production run is 001-110, second run is 111-141. Now you know how few of those LMGs exist 🙂 :

Tokyo Marui internals upgraded by KTW:

Front: KTW Type 96, rear: real Type 96:

Type 99

The Type 99 was released at the same time as the improved second run of the Type 96 and makes use of the same upgrades . Weight is about 8kg, built materials are mostly steel & aluminum. Stock is oiled walnut.

Carry handle and magazine:

Rear monopod:

Flash suppressor:

Battery compartment:

As with the Type 96 the battery is housed in the buttstock. If you want use a larger battery on the exterior there is a small gap near the trigger guard to route the wires through.

Extra mags for your type 96 or 99 are also available from KTW. They are made of pressed steel (very cool!) and have a capacity of 58 BBs, but cost 16500¥ (190$ / 145€) each…

And finally a nice pic of LMG air defense:

~ by m1pencil on September 25, 2010.

12 Responses to “KTW Type 96 & Type 99 Light Machine Guns”

  1. Are there any in North America?

  2. Can’t say. Personally i know of nobody in Europe or the US who owns one of these. 😦

  3. I would still invest in one as a real one I saw yersterday is selling (no buyers yet) in the US for $13,500. So now $4000 does not look that bad. Besides, if oyu dont have a permit you cant own a full live one. Mags themselves for the real steel are $1000. I know there are some for sale in Hong Kong but cant get these into Canada. If anyone has in in Canada for sale, I will pay! 😦

  4. So true, compared to a real one the KTWs are a steal 🙂
    In Japan its (almost) impossible to own real guns. Guess that is why the market for
    modelguns (/airsoft) is so big over there.

  5. By the way, you have a real nice website with lots of eye-popping photos (including these on the KTW! 🙂

  6. I was wondering if anyone would know what the value is of a Type 99 machine gun without the flash hider? I’m doing research on this weapon for a museum?

  7. i know where there is one

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