WE M1911 Pistol

WEs 1911 was for some time one of the most talked about airsoft GBB pistols around, did it live up to the hype? Not sure if they guys at WE did even know what kind of pistol they were making, on the box and manual it says M1911, while the pistol is actually the improved M1911A1 of WW2 fame. 😛

WEs M1911(A1) is “full metal”, well everybody seems to go crazy for all-metal airsoft guns. For a while i did so as well, now I have to say i prefer a well working well made plastic bodied gun to a  metal crap one every day of the week (if you’re not just looking for a wall hanger that is…).  WEs metal on the 1911 is of particular questionable quality. It is just cheaply painted grey which means once you hit something the paint chips of and you have lots of nasty looking silver coming through. Many airsoft manufacturers simply paint the metal but WE seems to have done a bad job at this. The paint chips of way too easily, you can almost scrape it of with your fingernails… Whatever monkey metal they used you can not blue it. Plus point of the all-metal body is the weight, even without the mag the pistol it is quite heavy and this gives it a very realistic feel.

134a gas does not seem to be strong enough to make it work properly on the long run, at least i had some problems. Once i switched to more powerful gas it worked better. The WE 1911 performs quite good using Abbey Predator gas and I only had few malfunctions over the course of quite a few games. Hop up is mediocre, so are range and accuracy, all in all playable but not exceptional. Not sure If I had just bad luck with the mags, I have 5 five (don’t ask why) and two of them started leaking after a short while.

The mag, it can hold 15 BBs

Is WEs M1911(A1)  an OK pistol for the price? Yes. Is is playable? Yes. Did it live up to the hype? No. Would I buy it again? Probably not.

~ by m1pencil on October 10, 2010.

2 Responses to “WE M1911 Pistol”

  1. Hey would you just disassemble the gun for the audience?
    Just want to see the loading nozzle, Hop Up and so on.
    Looks right now like a stolen Western Arms Copy.
    Like Omega and Classic Army did before.
    Old WA.45 System.
    Just want to make sure if i am right with my suggestion!

  2. OK will try to take some more pics, will take a little time though. Next up is the Marui 1911A1 🙂

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