The Pacific Blu-ray Box

Lucky me, got my box a little early… 🙂

The Pacific is a ten part series taking place in WWII’s Pacific Theatre. The story is told through the eyes of three Marines – Robert Leckie, John Basilone and Eugene Sledge. Guadalcanal, Cape Gloucester, Pavavu, Peleliu, Iwo Jima, Okinawa and the return home after wars end are all covered. The Blu-ray box contains 6 Discs. Quite a few people seem to have been disappointed by The Pacific, guess the pre-release hype was just too huge… i like the series though it seemed a bit cramped at times. Knowing the books it was based on helps. It would have been better to focus just on Leckie or Sledge for example, trying to fit all storylines in those 10 episodes seems to have been a bit of an overkill. Nonetheless it is a good series that greatly benefits from a second time viewing. I am sure once the disappointment after the hype ebbs done people will start to realise how nice “The Pacific” actually is.

Positive side effect is that prices for original USMC and IJA stuff did not explode after the series. There has been an increase in prices but luckily not as drastically as some had feared. Unlike what happened after “Saving Private Ryan” and especially after “Band of Brothers”. WW2 US Airborne collecting is now very very very pricy… not much fun left…

The Pacific is superb on Blu-ray, drastically increasing the viewing experience. If you have seen The Pacific on regular TV you have missed a lot (I am not even talking about crappy dialog on localised dubbed versions)! HDTV broadcast is a big improvement but the Blu-ray release beats it hands down. Great PQ and truly awesome sound! IMHO best sounding TV Series ever, in this regard on par with the very best big budget Hollywood movies…  at times even better.  The Pacific well-deservedly won “Outstanding Sound Editing” & “Outstanding Sound Mixing” at this years Emmy awards.  The Blu-ray set also includes very nice extras. Do not is miss this box! The US edition is region free by the way.

~ by m1pencil on October 21, 2010.

3 Responses to “The Pacific Blu-ray Box”

  1. Where did ya buy it and how much did it set ya back if I may ask? ^^

  2. Got it a bit early through connections at my work 🙂
    The set is really cool, same kind of metal box packaging as the BoB Blu-ray release.

  3. Indeed, lucky you. 😀
    Gonna get both sometime, as I need to replace my old BoB DVDs.

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