Tokyo Marui M1911A1 Pistol

Tokyo Maruis M1911A1 is in my opinion one of the finest GBB airsoft pistols available today. Performance right out of the box is great and as is usually the case with Tokyo Marui products it is very reliable. No need to buy expensive upgrade parts in order to fix things the manufacturer should have taken care of. Yes, plastic body. But who cares when it is done this good? The grey body correctly replicates parkerized finish of the real gun and looks nice.

Only downside is the weight. If you absolutely must have a metal body there are some for the Marui 1911 from several manufacturers to choose from. Performance is great. Even though the 230~240 FPS with 134a gas is about average for a GBB pistol. Range and accuracy are excellent, very few airsoft pistols are this good right out of the box. No need to invest in tuning parts to pimp performance. Personally I wouldn’t use anything stronger then Abbey predator ultra for a longer period of time as it could be harmful the internals. Ultra gives a nice kick and enough power for good performance anyways, i use 134a mostly.

The markings are very well done, obviously research has gone in them.  Patent markings on the slide:

Colt final inspector mark (T) and Colt “Verified proof” factory inspection mark:

Ordnance Department inspection stamp:

Serial number, 871072 would be a M1911A1 manufactured by Colt in 1943:

Final Ordnance acceptance mark “G.H.D”, stands for  Brig. Gen. Guy H. Drewry. The “P” is a proof mark.

The grips are made of plastic. But do not bother to replace them with real wood ones. Actually WW2 M1911A1s did use plastic grips! Also the Tokyo Marui grips contain weights, loosing those makes the pistol even lighter:


Marui took great care designing this superb airsoft 1911A1, everything feels perfect, no wobbles, no lousy manufacturing standards, good performance and reliability. IMHO this is about as good as it currently gets  8)

~ by m1pencil on November 21, 2010.

5 Responses to “Tokyo Marui M1911A1 Pistol”

  1. How much does one of those cost? It would be an interesting training tool for the real thing…

  2. Hi I have a problem with my firing mechanism Iv pulled it a part ther was a spring of but can not figure out where some of the parts go when putting it back together is there anyone that could help me

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