Philippine Scouts Airsoft

Here are some of the coolest pics of WW2 airsoft i have ever seen. Philippine Scouts in action! Awesome gear, an impression you see rarely done and great photography!

Thanks to Albert from the Philippine Scouts for giving me the OK to post the pics. Check out their forum for more nice stuff:

~ by m1pencil on January 9, 2011.

5 Responses to “Philippine Scouts Airsoft”

  1. is there an airsoft phil. scouts chapter here in san jose,ca ? i sure would like to join.

  2. Wow, great to see a WWII style Philippine Scout Airsoft unit! “Stand aside, the Scouts are coming.” These simple words contained in a poem written by an American officer in a Japanese POW camp shortly after the fall of Bataan reflect a sincere and respectful tribute to some of the finest soldiers ever to serve in the U.S. Army.” – Col. John E. Olson, USA (Ret.) “The History of the Philippine Scouts”

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