Handbook on Japanese Military Forces

This book is a reprint of a restricted 1944 U.S. War Department Publication (The first edition appeared in 1942). This manual contains all the information the americans had on the Japanese by this time, certainly a great help for american officers. Like Sun Tzu wrote in the oldest book on military strategy: “Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a thousand battles without disaster”. Even today the amount of excellent information is this book is truly extraordinary. It contains chapters on Japanese equipment, uniforms, tactics, insignia, a very detailed section about weapons and more. A lot of the info like the one the Japanese defensive systems are not to be found anywhere else as far as i know. I consider this book a “must have”. Even though it was published during WW2 (and there is an updated 1945 edition) it is still one of, if not THE best resource on the Japanese Army in English language. The above cover is of the hardcover edition, there is also a cheaper and easier to find paperback reprint.

Handbook on Japanese Military Forces, 403 pages, hardcover, ISBN: 1-85367-102-9

Handbook on Japanese MIlitary Forces, 403 pages, softcover, ISBN: 0807120138

~ by m1pencil on January 26, 2011.

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