ICS M1 Garand?

Can it be true? Will ICS really release an airsoft M1 Garand this year? This is surely the airsoft rifle MANY players have been waiting for. There have been rumors for some time and now it seems that some employees of ICS have confirmed this. If this is true and if this will finally be a playable M1 Garand than i am sure it will be a big seller for ICS, and a punch in the face for all the other manufacturers who missed this opportunity for YEARS. Fingers crossed!

Oh yes, seems a M3 Grease Gun is in the works too! 8) UPDATE: Check out this video, ICS Grease Gun at 3:46! M3 not M3A1 yeeeees!

UPDATE 2: ICS at IWA 2011. Starting at 2:15, M3 Grease Gun and ICS staf talking about their planed AEG M1 Garand…

~ by m1pencil on January 27, 2011.

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