Reproduction SCR-536 (BC-611) Radio

The SCR-536 “Handie Talkie” was the world’s first hand-held “tactical” radio system designed for ground troops. Even though it was heavy, quite large and only had short range when compared to todays standards it was successful during WW2. It gave even small units the means of communications when they would have to rely on messengers or field telephones otherwise.

SCR-536? BC-611? Handie Talkie? There is some confusion regarding the name of this radio, correct is SCR-536 (SCR stands for Signal Corps Radio). It is often called BC-611 but BC-611 is the designation of the transceiver component inside the SRC-536. During WW2 the SCR-536 was refered to as “Handie Talkie” as well, nowadays it is sometimes called “Walkie Talkie” but this was actually designation of the SCR-300 backpack radio.

What Price Glory offers a nice reproduction of this radio. Here are some pics:

The data plate, because it says BC-611 on the plate the SCR-536 is often called BC-611:

Currently WPG offers three options 1) a fully functional radio 2) an empty shell and 3) radios with unreliable assembly. I bought option three, it was very easy to fix and now i have a working repro radio. basically it contains a modified “Family Radio”. Unscrew the top cover and you can see the family radio, it was modded and wires to the mic, speaker, switch and battery are routed through the body of the SCR-536:

Batteries are located at the bottom of the SCR-536

My next project will be to replace the “family radio” with a modded Alan PMR radio. I will post pics of this mod once it is done (and hopefully works :-P)

Update: radio mod

~ by m1pencil on February 5, 2011.

3 Responses to “Reproduction SCR-536 (BC-611) Radio”

  1. HI! GREAT WORK! Do you have a schemas?

  2. You know what would be awesome? a repro one of these with a socket you can put your Iphone into, and be usable…

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