Reproduction SCR-536 (BC-611) Radio Modification

Here is how i modded my “What Price Glory” repro SCR-536 / BC-611 radio in order to use it with my Alan 456R. The Alan radio is much more versatile and has a higher range than the lower-end FRS radio which came with “What Price Glory’s” SCR-536. This method should work with other kinds of radios too, so maybe this mini guide will be of help for your conversion projects as well.

I did not want to modify the Alan radio itself since i still want to be able to use it on its own. So i modded one of the speaker-mics i had instead. All you have to do is replace the FRS radio with the speaker-mic. I soldered the wires which connected the FRS radio to the switch, mic and speaker of the SRC-536 to the speaker-mics board.

The 456R is located at the bottom of the SRC-536, easy access if i need to change volume or frequency. To remove the 456R you simply have to unplug the connecting cable of the speaker-mic.

Ready for action!

~ by m1pencil on February 12, 2011.

5 Responses to “Reproduction SCR-536 (BC-611) Radio Modification”

  1. wow
    nice work!!!

  2. Man Im going to try this out. Thanks man

  3. When I did mine I decided I wanted to be able to control it with external switches so put the volume etc on the top case.

  4. Nice job. Will this work on a real BC-611 with permanent damage to it?

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