Oba the last Samurai – New Japanese WW2 Movie

Oba the last Samurai (太平洋の奇跡-フォックスと呼ばれた男- / Taiheiyo no kiseki – Fox to yobareta otoko)

A new WW2 movie was released this month in Japan! The movie is based on the true story of Captain Sakae Oba and his small group of soldiers and civilians. Oba and his group kept hiding & fighting on Saipan long after Japan had officially surrendered. They finally gave up in December of 1945, only after being personally instructed by the Imperial General Staff to do so.

Hopefully a DVD will be released soon!

There is a great book about Captain Oba which was written by Don Jones a former US Marine who fought against him on Saipan. It is out of print but can still be found quite easily.

~ by m1pencil on February 16, 2011.

3 Responses to “Oba the last Samurai – New Japanese WW2 Movie”

  1. I belief my grandfather Cristino S Dela Cruz was part of Captain Oba’s capture.

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