Dummy M1 Garand Clips

Finally found time to make some Garand Dummy Clips, had this idea for quite a while. I wanted cheap dummy clips which to use as fillers for cartridge belts and bandoleers. I took silicone and made a mold using a Garand clip with inert(!!!) cartridges, i experimented with quite a few materials. Resin, Kermian-S, Stewalin… still looking for something better. Resin works very well but is a bit too expensive if you want to make large number of clips. Keramin-S is very cheap, a package is only 4 Euro and it is enough to make 25~30 clips! But it breaks too easily. It is being advertised as being very hard and sturdy but when dropped from ~1,5 meters the tips of the clips sometimes break off. if you have any ideas what materials might be best to use please let me know!

Here is how i make my clips

Since no detail is needed for the dummy clips use modeling clay to simplify the shape of the clip, i also filled some areas between the cartridges in order to give the final product more stability. To achieve maximum stability you would have to fill the the complete space between the cartridges right up to the top of the tips. It’s all done rather crude but sufficient for dummy clips and makes mass production faster 😉 Then i use the modeling clay built a little base for the clip to stand on

Now pick a smooth surface (old CD case for example) place the clip on it and built a little box around it using Lego bricks

Now slowly fill in the moldmaking silicone

Once the silicone is dry you can remove the Garand clip and the mold is ready for to produce dummy clips. Fill in resin or whatever you think works best.

This is what you get

Would be enough to simply spray paint the dummy clips in black, but i took the time and painted them a bit… the final product:

~ by m1pencil on February 22, 2011.

7 Responses to “Dummy M1 Garand Clips”

  1. WOW!!!!!!!
    great job!

  2. can you give me the exact names
    materials used?
    I would be grateful

    • For the mold: Silicone Rubber
      For the dummy clips: Keramin-S, Stewalin or Resin. I can not recommend Keramin-S and Stewalin because it breaks too easily. tried some other things as well but i forgot the names (didn’t work well anyways).
      Still looking for something cheaper then Resin.

  3. Would you be willing to make more and sell them? Thanks

    • Hi Sean, sorry not at the moment. Still have the molds but would need a material that is durable + cost effective. Haven’t followed this project for a while but will keep looking.

  4. Ok thanks… And what types/colors of paint did you use for the bullets? Brown and bronze? They look VERY realistic

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