USMC Photo Album

This photo album belonged to Elson J. Landry, Seventh Marines, First Marine Division. The leather covered photo log contains mostly military related pictures, most seem to be from around 1938~39(?), he probably left the album behind when he was sent to the PTO. On 22nd of September 1944 Corporal Elson J. Landry was KIA on Peleliu, just seven days after the initial landings.

The first few pages contain autographs from his fellow Marines. “Privates”:

“Non Commissioned Officers”:

Some of the photos from the album

Nice pre/early WW2 gear, note the M1917A1 helmet

Dog vs EGA 🙂

MG Squad, those guys somehow remind me of Peckinpahs “The Wild Bunch” 😉

Close up of the sweater, “Parris Island, South Carolina”. Parris Island is still used by the USMC as a recruit depot today.

“Pistol Expert, Sharp Shooter”

Fun with bayonets

There were two saddening pieces of newspaper dealing with the death Elson J. Landry in the album

I found a memorial website about him, you can see it here: Vermilionhistorical

~ by m1pencil on March 7, 2011.

3 Responses to “USMC Photo Album”

  1. Very interesting! I like when my Marines are remembered. Thank you.

  2. Interested in parting this? Maybe a trade? I have a box full of NOS and early war depot made stuff to trade.


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