None But the Brave

“A crippled C-47 transport crash-lands on a remote Pacific island. For the Marines aboard, World War II becomes smaller but no less deadly. The atoll is held by a Japanese platoon, also cut off from its command. Debuting director Frank Sinatra stars in this suspenseful war saga, joined by Clint Walker, Tony Bill and Olympic champion Rafer Johnson. After initial bullet-laced confrontations, the Japanese leader (Tatsuya Mihashi) offers to swap water for the aid of Pharmacist Mate Maloney (Sinatra), whom he’s mistaken for a doctor. When Maloney amputates the leg of a Japanese soldier and saves his life, peace results. But can it last? There are two sides to every war. None but the Brave skillfully shows the heroism of both.”

None But the Brave is a 1965 Japanese/American co-production, It’s a good movie that still holds up well despite now being over 45 years old. Nice to see the Japanese soldiers portrayed as human beings and not only as fanatic freaks. Uniforms & equipment are OK, a bit too much post WW2 gear in use by the Americans. The Japanese side is actualy portayed quite well uniform & equipment wise. Recommended viewing!

Cool pose dude 😉

Cover of the US DVD. Very good quality release, sadly a theatrical trailer is the only extra. Whoever designed the cover decided to photoshop a modern M14(?) into Frank Sinatras hand… 😳

~ by m1pencil on April 16, 2011.

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