“Look out Mr. Matsuda”, Patrol leader, 1st Marine Division, Cape Gloucester

A little bit of kitbashing for last weekends airsoft game. The inspiration came from a well known USMC photo showing a patrol on Cape Gloucester. Many nice details can be spotted on the original photo, the patrol leader is wearing the “patch pockets” variant of the P41 trousers, he has affixed an EGA to his HBT cap and in addition to the drum magazine in his M1928A1 Thompson he carries 20 round mags in a 5 cell Thompson mag pouch. I tried to recreate that look 

This set up is lightweight and very well suited for playing airsoft. A drum mag + 5 stick mags means plenty of ammo,  and i love the look of yellow frags 😀

The original photo was taken on March 8th 1944 and is captioned: “Look out Mr. Matsuda… A Marine Corps pursuit patrol pushes through the New Britain jungle in pursuit of Major General Matsuda and his forces on Cape Gloucester. The patrol leader carries a submachine gun and a hand grenade, both ready for instant use.”

Watch out! there might still be Japs in the bunker 😉

~ by m1pencil on April 25, 2011.

4 Responses to ““Look out Mr. Matsuda”, Patrol leader, 1st Marine Division, Cape Gloucester”

  1. THE BEST!!!
    Nice Gear and Pics

  2. In Vietnam (1966 USMC) my Captain (I was his Radio Operator) carried a M19228A1 Thompson that he had acquired from the South Vietnamese Army (ARVN) with the 100 hundred round drum mag. The Gunny also had one, but his was the “cut down” version with a “Stick” mag. I accompanied them (drove the Jeep) to Da Nang and to the warehouse where “piles” of US Weapons (WW II) were stored. I was given a “Helmet Cover” of the old spot pattern with slits (which I wore and still have). That is the thing with creating a “Correct” impression,…. there is no such thing as a “Correct” impression as in a Combat Zone there are many oddities. Nice looking site.

  3. Also as a note,… in 1966 VN the Marines were still carrying the old Pineapple WW II / Korea Frag Grenades (very dangerous) as they were known to have short fuses (2 sec. Vs. 5 sec.) I still have photos (somewhere) of them (and my M14) in a bunker near Marble Mountain area (East Da Nang). Again,… oddities in Combat.

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