Repro Japanese Mess Kit

Need a mess kit to complete your Japanese Army impression? There is a nice and very cheap one ($12,99) available from a Chinese seller on eBay now. Quality is quite OK, only the glossy black colour is no good. Most of the originals i have seen are coloured in various shades of khaki or brown. The Japanese called their mess kits “Han Gou” which means rice cooker. And cooking rice over open fire was what they were used for most of the time. This caused the mess kits to blacken quickly, especially near the base.

Here is the repro mess kit in its original super glossy black colour. Luckily wrong colours are easily fixed 😉

Like the originals it consists of three pieces: A lid (also serving as a small tray), an inner tray and the rice cooking pail

I decided to repaint the mess kit to give it the typical khaki look. I mixed myself a brownish khaki colour using model kit paint. This is how it looked after one layer of paint using an airbrush (somehow my camera did not capture the colour very well, it is a brownish khaki)

And here is the final result after beating it up a little, next step will be to torture the mess kit over open fire 😈

~ by m1pencil on May 1, 2011.

6 Responses to “Repro Japanese Mess Kit”

  1. were can i find this item on ebay. i would appreciate a link or if you can tell me the sellers name. thnx

  2. Hi, the seller has an eBay (.com) store: youchunhe2008

  3. That Chinese seller said I got the last one, I asked him to make or get more people were looking for them..

  4. Hello, I apologize for bringing up an old post, but do you happen to know if it is safe to put the kit over an open fire? (as in it won’t impart deadly chemicals?)

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