Do it yourself IJA Camouflage Body Net

A very cool item to have is a Japanese “body net”. Currently there are no reproductions available and originals are extremely rare. I decided to make one myself. The Japanese soldiers of WW2 were very good at camouflageing themselves and the body nets were very useful for this. Of course body nets have some disadvantages as well, if you tried running around with one in the Jungle (or your local forest 😉 ) you know why. It gets easily get entangled with branches and other vegetation.

There are two net types, an earlier one in one colour and a late type in three colours. The shapes of the late and early type are also different. I decided to try and make an early type first, a late model net is a future project of mine. The early nets were often worn like capes, covering the shoulders and pack of the soldier. The nets had several loops which helped to secure the net to the body or equipment. It is very difficult to find exact info on the nets (construction, dimensions…), i had to base mine on a few photos of originals (and some wild guesses). My net is far from perfect, but it is a start. Maybe i will make a super duper perfect repro once i find more detailed info…

You can make one for cheap. All you need is a net and string (slightly bigger diameter then the net itself). I had to buy a few nets online until i found one that seems very good to me. Colour, material and diameter are really nice, and it was dead cheap. “Decorative Fishing Net” in “Antique Brown” by “Delta Products” i paid ~6 € for it.

First step is to cut the net down to the basic pattern.

Next cut out 3/4 of the middle row. Now take the string and run it along the sides of the net (except for the top side). Make loops at 6 corners. Finished:

Two close-ups

Wearing a body net makes you happy! 😀

Take a close look at this group shot, quite a few soldiers are wearing their body nets “bandoleer style”

MG team, gas masks, body nets

And one more

~ by m1pencil on May 5, 2011.

2 Responses to “Do it yourself IJA Camouflage Body Net”

  1. Nice! Can you please link that place where you bought that net, because I cant find any 😦

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