King Arms Thompson Drum Magazine

450 round airsoft drum magazine for the M1928A1 Thompson. While the King Arms M1928A1 Thompson kind of sucks (wrong body :roll:) the drum mag is actually very nice. Luckily it is available separately. The mag is mostly made of metal and build quality is good. I use the mag for my Tokyo Marui Thompsons and feeding is excellent.

I do not like high caps and would have prefered a mid or low cap, but at least the King Arms high cap works very well and i can punish all the other high cap losers on open days with a hailstorm of BBs 😆

On the next pic you can see the mag ready for use in my Mosquito Molds/ Marui M1928A1. On real M1928 Thompsons the drum magazine was inserted from the left side. This was a rather complex and time-consuming procedure, one of the reasons the drum mags were replaced by stick magazines as the war progressed. The King Arms drum magazine is inserted from below like a stick type.  Too bad the mag does not sit high enough, the gap between the body and the mag is a little bit too big. It fits tightly though and works flawlessly.

~ by m1pencil on May 17, 2011.

2 Responses to “King Arms Thompson Drum Magazine”

  1. do you have to wind it up for it to shoot

  2. Yep you have to wind up (using the winding key on front of the mag), but then you are good to go for quite many shots. I generally do not like high caps but with this one you at least do not have to wind up as often as with other high caps I have used.

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