Hinomaru Yosegaki “Good Luck Flag”: Destroy America and Britain

This was one of the first Japanese good luck flags in my collection, so besides looking very nice it has always been special to me. I decided to get this flag translated by Dr. Michael A. Bortner. Dr. Bortner is the author of “Imperial Japanese Good Luck Flags and One-Thousand Stitch Belts” and he offers a translation service. Both his book and his translation service are highly recommended!

The flag is still in good condition, exhibiting normal age and battle staining common to a vintage flag from the World War Two era.
On top of the flag (1) it says “Soko” which translates to ” Send – off”. The name of the flags recipient is written on the right side (2): Chiyoma Shigemi. The left hand side of the flag (3) demonstrates a vertical row of four large, dark black characters. They read as “Bei-Ei gekimetsu”: Destroy America and Britain. The names and slogans of well wishers are written around the red sun.

The lower right-hand corner shows two square, red inked stamps (hanko) pressed into the material. Some flags were taken to local shrines in order to be blessed by priests or monks. A stamp would be placed on the flag showing that the item was prayed upon.

The larger of the two stamps is a shrine stamp of the Hikawa shrine (Hikawa Jinja). Hikawa Jinja is an important shinto shrine located in the Omiya district of Saitama prefecture (the area north of Tokyo). The word Omiya when translated means “Great Shrine”. You can find some more info on wikipedia

~ by m1pencil on June 6, 2011.

2 Responses to “Hinomaru Yosegaki “Good Luck Flag”: Destroy America and Britain”

  1. do you know how to access mr bortner’s translation serives?

  2. Simply send him an email, you can find it on his website “Get History Today”. Check the link section 🙂

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