Repro Type 99 “Tako” pack

The Type 99 was the standard backpack of the Japanese soldier during WW2. Because of the many straps sewn to the body the Japanese soldiers nicknamed it “tako ashi” or octopus legs. Hikishop makes a nice reproduction of this pack. It is not super perfect but well worth the ~55$ asking price.

Hikishop Type 99 pack

Original Type 99 pack

Some more comparison pics between the reproduction and the original pack

What are all those straps for?!

Tabi boots are attached to the right side of the pack

Entrenchig tool is attached to the left side, mess kit goes to the front

Shelter half is attached to the top

The front straps are rather stiff on the repro pack, i guess they will soften over time

~ by m1pencil on June 20, 2011.

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