Japan at War Deluxe Set

Japan at War – Uniforms, Weapons, Equipment and Ephemera of the Heitai.

Two volume deluxe book set by Russ Arendell and Gunnar Abramson. A true “made by collectors for collectors” project. While not cheap at $195 for both books together, the price is OK considering the extremely low print run of just 42 sets! The Authors financed the print on their own and fellow collectors helped by providing items and info. Quote from the authors website: “Both volumes together are over 650 pages of uniforms, weapons, equipment, propaganda artwork, magazines, period photographs, articles, combat swords, headgear, personal items and other items that the ground soldier of the 1930’s and WWII would have had access to.  This set of books were a community effort from many Japanese collectors worldwide contributing.  Socks to headgear, machine-guns, prototype weaponry and knives are covered as well as an unpublished diary seen in print in full-color digitized photography for the first time.  This is a set of books made by collectors for the modeler, wargamer, historian and collector. Closeups and differing angles of the uniforms, weaponry and personal items show the full color range and contruction for all interests.  Many rare prototype weaponry examples as well as some period black and white photographs not seen since WWII are included.” This must be the most complete overview of IJA items in English language to date.

In some respects it shows that this was a somewhat semi-professional project, the photos on the covers were probably scanned at too low resolution making them appear pixellated, a few of the original photos inside have the similar problems to a lesser extend. However, the photos of the original items are of very good quality and nicely detailed. The layout of the photos and text is not very fancy but it is OK and serves its purpose. All those things are completely forgivable considering the nature of this project. This set is a highly recommended “must have” reference guide for serious collectors and reenactors. All 42 deluxe sets are sold, and getting one will be very difficult. But a cheaper edition is planed for the future.

Japan at War – Uniforms, Weapons, Equipment and Ephemera of the Heitai, Vol.I&II deluxe set, 660+ pages, softcover

~ by m1pencil on August 5, 2011.

2 Responses to “Japan at War Deluxe Set”

  1. Imagine my surprise at seeing mine and Gunnar’s work being reviewed here! Many thanks! We are sold out at the moment, but hope to have a less expensively priced set in the near future. I enjoyed your site. I’ll be back to peruse in the future.
    Best Regards, Russ Arendell

  2. The world has become a small place 😀 Hope too see more great books from you guys in the future!

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