Alamo Scout Airsoft

Got my lazy ass up for a nice day of airsofting in Alamo Scouts gear. A friend was nice enough to take a few pics during lunch break 🙂

Closing in on a Japanese sentry…  😎

Ready for lunch!

~ by m1pencil on August 15, 2011.

4 Responses to “Alamo Scout Airsoft”

  1. Nice pics! 😀 I already thought on the game that I recognized your gear from somewhere. ^^

  2. Hint: Train your non-shooting eye to stay open, it’s more realistic. And helps you identify targets outside of your sight picture.

  3. I will try that! Guess i am still oldschool 😉

  4. I like this look 🙂 Think I might try to combine this and the IJA stuff for an awesome scout loadout!

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