ICS & Ares M3 Grease Gun weirdness

Sometimes you really got to wonder what kind of research airsoft manufacturers are doing before designing their products. Ares and ICS have failed on the external designs of their M3 Grease Gun. The Ares M3 is already available, the one from ICS is supposed to be released this month (so there is a little hope left that the final product will look different?).

Both manufacturers got the external features of a M3 and a M3A1 mixed up! Most obvious it is on the Ares Grease Gun, their new and upgraded version is now labeled a M3 (first release was a M3A1). They simply slapped the most dominant feature of the M3 on their M3A1 outer body, the retracting handle. Everything else is still M3A1! Larger ejection port being the main offender. Here is a pic of the Ares “M3”, as you can see it is in fact a M3A1 with an M3 style retracting handle attached

Close up

Here the add for their M3A1, exactly the same except for the handle

At first glance the ICS seems to be a correct M3, small ejection port, retracting handle and so on. But that only goes for the right side (the one with the handle), the left side is correct for an M3A1 only (oiler in the grip, guard for the magazine catch)!!! WHY?!? 👿

Here is a good picture showing the differences between a M3 and a M3A1 (click to enlarge)

~ by m1pencil on October 7, 2011.

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  1. Excellent, thank you!

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