Yamato vs Lego

Awesome 8)

~ by m1pencil on December 18, 2011.

2 Responses to “Yamato vs Lego”

  1. I think the HIJMS Yamato has taken on a spiritual level of deification by the Japanese people. They even have a museum for it in Kure. It was a big boat people, and it only fired its guns in battle one time! JEEZ!! And it never sank a single ship or boat in battle!…

    Having said all that, a big Lego Yamato is pretty cool…

  2. I like the Uchuu senkan yamato bit at the end. 😀 Hope he does a video about that.
    Oh and yeah the nips are crazy.
    @Eric: You’re quite right, the Japanese identified themselves a lot more with the Yamato than, let’s say, the Germans with the Bismarck. (though this was not entirely by chance, the myth was thoroughly constructed by the elites)

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