Airsoft “Anglicized” M1928A1 Thompson

Many of the Thompson SMGs in British use were modified to the “anglicized” configuration. The front sling swivel was moved to the left side of the vertical foregrip and the rear swivel was moved to the top of the buttsock. This made carrying the heavy weapon easier in a “ready to fire” position, when patrolling the Thompson could be brought to action much faster & firing from the hip was steadier. I thought about making an anglicized Thompson for my British impressions for quite some time but did not want to convert my CAW stock. I ended up converting an original M1928 stock. The foregrip was already inΒ  anglicized configuration when I bought it. The original buttstock was in terrible condition so no worries about giving the conversion a try.

Top: Tokyo Marui M1A1 Thompson + Mosquito Molds M1928A1 conversion kit + CAW wood kit, below: original buttstock, original grip (which I did not use) and an original anglicized frontgrip

Buttstock was in terrible condition, this pic was taken after(!) the first cleaning  😯

CAW stock on the right, original stock on the left. As you can see the CAW stock is missing the slide. Another plus of using an original stock for the conversion.

CAW frontgrip left, original right. No modifications to the original grip needed, it fits perfectly

With a few minor mods to the woodwork the Marui lower can be attached to the original buttstock, that is without the slide…

The slide has to be cut and part of it has to be flatened at an angle using a file

I drilled a hole for the cable into the stock and made room for the battery pack. Fitting a LiPo would be quite easy as the cavity for the oiler in the buttstock is already quite big. But i wanted more space to be able to use regular batteries as well

Making a mortise for the rear swivel

Cleaning the wood and metal parts

Done! My conversion is a bit crude, crappy tools meet crappy skills πŸ˜† but it works πŸ˜€ A few photos of the completed 1928

Click to enlarge:


~ by m1pencil on March 4, 2012.

13 Responses to “Airsoft “Anglicized” M1928A1 Thompson”

  1. That’s some nice information.
    I didn’t know that the Brits modified their Thompsons.
    Thanks for a great post, as always.


  2. […] background-color:#222222; background-repeat : no-repeat; } – Today, 7:41 […]

  3. Were these used accross the board by the Brits or was this kind of modification limited to certain units/theaters?
    Really nice artictle, nonetheless. πŸ˜€
    Regards, Ceras

  4. Seems to have been done everywhere. Many pics i found are from Italy but probably because Thompsons were used there relatively often. You can see the mod used in Burma, Normandy…

    original photos top to bottom:
    Jungle warfare training UK
    Living room πŸ˜‰

  5. Yea Very good!!!Nice Work
    I also equal work on my Thommy 1928!!!

  6. If you get some Citristrip at Wal-Mart, spray down that wood thoroughly, then use some Boiled Linseed Oil (available at Home Depot, Lowe’s, etc.) and rub down the wood for a few weeks, it would look almost new again. Just look up any article on stock restoration on the CMP forums, or The Firing Line Forums, etc.

    Good luck

  7. Great info here! Was this done by any other nationalities or was it strictly a British modification?

  8. Nice work!!

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