Small Japanese grouping from Burma

I got this neat little grouping a while back. The only info the former owner could provide was “vet acquired pouch with various Japanese contents”. No name, no location, no info on any of the items, nothing. With a little research it was able to find out that this must have come out of Burma.

Here is the pouch:

Markings on the inside:

…and the pouch contained the following items:

Luckily somebody could provide me with info on the dog tags, here is the first one. “Kiku” 124th Infantry Regiment, Depot designation “West 46” (former Div. Dep.), soldier # 200. The 124th Infantry regiment was part of the 18th Division (“Chrysanthemum Division”) and was later transferred to the 31st Division (“Furious Division”).

The 31st Division was tasked with taking Kohima as part of the “U GO” offensive. Resulting in the infamous “Battle of Kohima”. Take a look at the following photos, one can imagine why this battle was sometimes refered to as the “Stalingrad of the East”. View of the Garrison Hill, key to the British defences at Kohima:

Scene of devastation at Naga village near Kohima taken after fierce Japanese resistance:

The second dog tag, I found this one tucked tightly into one of the books. 15th Army Motor Transport Depot, soldier #600

Infantry handbook from 1940

Military song book, “Japanese military song collection”

Name card? Click to enlarge

Some loose papers, not sure what this is. Click to enlarge

Money, some Indian Rupees and some “Japanese Invasion Money”

Maybe I can find out more with a little detective work… any help would be greatly appreciated 🙂

~ by m1pencil on March 14, 2012.

4 Responses to “Small Japanese grouping from Burma”

  1. I found a little bit:
    On the card is a name and an address:
    内藤 幸次
    Naitou Kouji
    Male first name
    Kyouto city
    Chuukyou district
    Senbon Street
    I did not get this one yet, though Ayanokouji is a surname in japanese, could be a small sidestreet`s name.
    For the other stuff, I’ll probably need pictures with higher resolution and a Kougo Jiten. 😉

    Hope I could help ya.
    Regards, ceras
    (on a side note: the songbook reminds me alot of the burmese harp^^)

    • Thanks a lot! Somebody had once translated the name for me but i can’t find the info anymore… 😳 now thanks to you i have both the name + adress! Too bad it is not possible (to my knowledge) to tie the dog tag codes to a name, would be interesting to see if there is a connection.

      >(on a side note: the songbook reminds me alot of the burmese harp^^)
      Very much so!!!! 😀

  2. Very cool grouping!! We must put it into volume III of Japan at War.

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