Hiroo Onoda – No Surrender

Good quality photo of Hiroo Onoda when he finally laid down his arms (click to enlarge)

Here is a photo of Hiroo Onoda about 30 years earlier:

Hiroo Onoda did not surrender in 1945, he did not believe that the war was over and thought that the Allies were trying to trick him into giving up. He kept holding out on the Philippine island of Lubang for 30 more years! Living of the Island and fighting his private guerilla war against police and locals. It took his former commander Major Taniguchi travelling to Lubang in 1974 to get him to lay down his arms. The Major officially relieved him of his military duties and Hiroo Onoda turned over his sword, Type 99 Rifle and several hand grenades.

Hiroo Onoda wrote a book about his time on Lubang called “No Surrender: My Thirty-Year War”. An interesting read:

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