FSSF Airsoft

Up in the mountains with the FSSF…

Not related to the main topics of my blog but here are some pics of my FSSF impression anyways. First bigger game this year for me and I had a great time!

The B.A.R. is not the weapon of choice for a FSSF impression, even tough some B.A.R.s found their way into the Force with the Ranger replacements at Anzio and there are a few pics of them in use in the Maritime Alps as well. Since no one makes an airsoft Johnson LMG and I was in the mood for a support weapon (a good excuse to not move around a lot  😆  ) the B.A.R. had to do. (click to enlarge)

Two in-game snapshots from later that day. While it was crazy hot in the open it was actually quite cold in the more densely forested areas 😡

~ by m1pencil on May 1, 2012.

14 Responses to “FSSF Airsoft”

  1. Outstanding work. Now what’s FSSF stand for?

  2. Wow!!Beatiful gear,pics and Location!!!!

  3. FSSF stands for “First Special Service Force”. It was a joint American-Canadian commando unit also known as the “Devil’s Brigade”

  4. Lookin’ good! Great impressions!

  5. Very good impression. I have one very similar. Unfortunately no mountiains here in southwest Ontario. Nice camo on the helmet. I generally just use mud. What are you using for the foliage headband on the helmet?

  6. NERDS!! just kidding, excellent gear

  7. Hi HMike, The camo on the helmet is just mud as well 🙂 The foliage headband is a rubber band made from an inner-tube.

    @Erik in Texas 😉 😀

    • Haha. I see it better now that I am not viewing it on a 3″ screen. Looks great. Very good impression.

      Do you have a V42 knife in the mix?

      • Yep I have a V42 knife, but I did not use it this time. Have more pics of various FSSF impressions, some even higher up in deep snow. Mountain parka, mountain pack, wools… lots of interesting combinations possible, will post the older pics in a future post. 🙂

  8. Hey pal !
    Nice setup, I’m thinking about working on it !
    Do you think can be good if i do an Italian impersonation, with M43 uniform and M45 gears !?
    Thanks Eddie

  9. Cool pic! 😀 But those guys are “10th Mountain” and not FSSF right?

    • 🙂 yeah, this place is on the Garda Lake in Northern Italy.
      I realy think this webbing is M45…

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