Burma Gear

Have been working on my British “Burma” gear for a couple of month now, lots of researching (and some shopping of course 😉 ). Should have my impression ready for action soon… Experimented a little with the “Chindit style” modified large pack last weekend, here is a pic:

~ by m1pencil on May 29, 2012.

10 Responses to “Burma Gear”

  1. This is sick, dude! Looks like a great set.

  2. I´m so glad I found this amazing blog. Keep up the great work!

  3. I have been looking at the 2 repro manufacturers you link, I’m completely lost. If you could advise me, or better yet, make a post on how to get started, that would be awesome. Thanks for the great blog,


    • Hi Erik, You want to get started with “UK Burma Style” gear or something else?

      • Well, I would like to get a vanilla US infantry get-up like maybe the 7th ID at Attu or perhaps the 112th cavalry regiment something like that…

  4. I guess the basics for 7th ID at Attu are:
    M1 Helmet
    Wool Shirt
    Wool Pants
    M41 Field Jacket
    Cartridge Belt
    M1936 Suspenders
    M1928 Haversack
    First Aid Pouch
    M1938 Leggings
    Roughout Boots
    + some cold weather gear like Arctic Field Jackets, Jeep Caps, Wool Scarves, Gloves…

    Not sure if there is a reproduction of the “Arctic Field Jacket” everything else you should be able to find at:
    Word War Two Impressions
    What Price Glory
    At the Front

    I will post a few “basic impression” guidelines in the future, but those will probably be focused on the USMC and the IJA.

  5. My dream is rather silly, but here goes: I want to participate in a 3-gun competition, using only WWII items. I have the rifle (4xGarands and 2xCarbines) & the M1911 (my daily carry pistol), I’m now shopping for either a Winchester Model 12 shotgun or perhaps a Winchester 1897 (from what I have seen, that would be more for USMC use). I found your site because in my heart I’m a Pacific War guy, but since I was an Army reservist in my youth, I want to give some love to the Senior Service. Besides, everyone loves the Marine Corps, but not everyone loves the Army!

    • Sounds like a fun dream! 🙂 Yes the M1879 (trench) would be good for WW2 USMC. It’s true that the USMC is getting all the credit for the Pacific & most people forgeting about the US Army there…
      For a “Pacific Army” look you can go a cheaper route then Attu by doing something later & in hotter climate. Then you can ditch all the wools and field jackets and simply go for HBT pants + HBT jacket instead.

  6. Did you build your own “Chindit pack”? How common were they?

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