Foreign Service Magazine, February 1949

Cool issue of Foreign Service Magazine. Even though it is from 1949 it features some interesting articles for the PTO WW2 buff. The title of the feature article is “Those Fabulous Seabees”, a homage to the “Seabees” of World War 2. Check out the excellent cover, very fitting for a “Seabees” related mag! 😉

Here is what the artist John Scott said about his cover illustration: “Be sure to let your Seabee readers know this picture is all fun. I saw the Seabees do their stuff in the ETO. In my book, they rate tops among World War II units. This flag selling scene is really my tribute to the genius of a great outfit.”

As you might know Seabees in the PTO were well known for trading (& faking) war booty. Here is an example of such a flag: Original Fake Yosegaki Hinomaru Flag and for comparison a real one. If you search my blog for “flag” or “yosegaki” you can see some more.

~ by m1pencil on June 2, 2012.

3 Responses to “Foreign Service Magazine, February 1949”

  1. Great contribution! Thanks.

  2. Seems you have trimmed the original front cover pic. Now you can not see anymore the “fun” part of said cover with the seabees on the bottom getting ready more fakes to sell.

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