Japanese Photo Album

Are rather big photo album I recently acquired. It contains about 150 photos, mostly family related but also some interesting military ones. Sadly the album is in bad condition and there is nothing written in it. So it seems impossible to put names and places to the pics 😦 There are a handful of loose photos with some text on the back though. Most photos seem to be from the late 30s / early 40s.

Let’s start with some military ones. Soldier wearing the Type 5 uniform and a visor cap. You can see the handle of a Type 30 bayonet on his belt.

Again early type uniform, but field caps instead of visor caps and a nice sword of course

Happy group of soldiers

Type 98 uniform , field cap, Type 30 bayonet. Note how he has fixed his backpack straps to his belt

This photo is quite large, about 28x22cm

Close up of the officers:

Note sure what kind of uniforms those are? (click to enlarge)

A very cool photo…

Check out the knee mortar on the backpack!

One of the few pics with some info on the back (click to enlarge)

Very early uniforms, probably blue coloured. Take a close look at the collars. You can see a 19: 19th regiment of the 9th Division. In the late 1930s the 9th Div. fought in Shanghai and was part of the drive toward Nanking (thanks to Tom for providing this info!)

Field cap with havelock.

Seems to be the same guy

Info on the back:

Some more mixed and random pics from the album. Postcard, front:


What are those guys doing?

I really like this photo, “cool guys posing with the lady” πŸ˜€

backside of this one:

That’s it for now. Hope you enjoyed this little “ride back in time” 😎

~ by m1pencil on June 10, 2012.

5 Responses to “Japanese Photo Album”

  1. Very nice find! πŸ˜€ I’ll try to be of help and look into translating some of the Japanese writing once I’m back from class.

  2. Beautiful Photo Album!!!

  3. Hey Ceras, you are talking about the back of the postcard right? This one better? http://i216.photobucket.com/albums/cc97/glenlivet45/pcard.jpg

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