Captured flag Eniwetok pic

Displaying a captured flag, Engebi Island, Eniwetok Atoll. Note the freaky helmet camouflage. Also check out how the bullet holes in the flag line up, it was probably folded when it was hit. Super nice photo! (click to enlarge)

~ by m1pencil on June 26, 2012.

6 Responses to “Captured flag Eniwetok pic”

  1. Nice detail: They’re holding the flag up wrong, showing us it’s backside. 😉
    Also, this flag seems to be meant to hang from the (on the picture) right side, as the names are written on the flag that way.

    Regards, Ceras

    P.S.: I played around a little bit, here’s the flag with proper alignment, so you can read the kanji:

    P.P.S: I’ve been working a little on bits and pieces of the other pictures you posted, but it’s still quite hard to decipher anything. (which lies in the STILL quite low resolution of some of the pics, the occasional use of unorthodox kanji and special writings AND my apparently complete inability to decipher Japanese handwriting xD)

    • Hi,

      Yes it is indeed the backside, still better then the usual “upside down” i guess 😀 hahahah!

      Thanks for trying to decipher the old style / handwriting. I heard from quite a few guys that this is extremely difficult, some of them being Japanese! 😉

  2. Great pic!
    Maybe the flag was hanging inside some building and some marine violently ripped his new souvenir from there leaving those holes where the nails fixed it to the structure?

    • Yep that is possible, but going by the fold marks it could have just been 1-2 bullet(s) too. Many Japanese soldiers carried their flags folded in their tunics & helmets. Of course this is all speculation 😎
      Another cool detail are the helmet covers. Looks like two of the guys use a “Net, Mosquito, Camouflage” instead of the usual HBT cover?

      • Yeah, I wanted to ask about that: What in seven hells is going on with the helmet cover of the guy to the right of the flag?! ^^

  3. The first and sixth from the left seem to have the “mosquito” covers.
    Not sure about the guy on the right, seems like he has black tape on his cover. Maybe tactical markings? Take a look here and scroll down,
    you can see a few more guys with the same kind of helmet covers.

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