Chindits Airsoft

Here is my Chindits “Operation Thursday”, Burma 1944 impression. Not 100% yet, still a bit work in progress.

Getting fresh water

The water bag is called “chagril” (or chagul) it’s made of canvas which was made watertight by soaking it before use. The slow evaporation helps to keep the water cool. Chagrils were still used by the British army during the Gulf War and they look almost identical to the WW2 ones.

Action! Rumble in the Jungle :mrgreen:

Time for a break (even though the weight of my stuff was much less then what the real Chindits had to carry around) 😛

Here is a little background info on the Chindits. The Chindits were a Special Force trained to operate deep behind enemy lines to implement Brigadier Orde Wingates guerrilla warfare concept of “long range penetration”.

The name Chindits was derived from the Burmese word Chinthe. Chinthes are mythical creatures, half lion, half dragon guarding Burmese pagodas and temples.

In order to catch the Japanese off guard and wreak havoc behind their lines the Chindits marched deep into enemy held Burma through extremely difficult terrain. Their operations lasted weeks and month and all the supplies had to be carried by the men and mules, many of the men weakened by malaria and illnesses. Additional supplies were brought in by air.

RAF wireless operator attached to the Chindits coordinating air drops:

Railroad demolition behind Japanese lines:

There is still controversy whether the operations of the Chindits were a success or not. Some argue that the military value to the campaign in Burma was not big enough to justify the time, material and men used for their operations. Also the casualty rates were extremely high. During “Operation Longcloth”, the Chindits first operation, the casualty rate was almost 50%:
Of the 3000 men deployed 818 were dead or captured, 600 of the survivors were to sick from disease or to badly wounded to return to active service.

My impression is based on “Operation Thursday”, the second Chindit operation. Much bigger in scale than the first expedition, only part of the force would march into Burma by foot, the majority was brought in by air to create fortified bases within enemy territory.

And that’s it for now, hope you enjoyed reading this post! 🙂

~ by m1pencil on August 14, 2012.

6 Responses to “Chindits Airsoft”

  1. Do they make an Airsoft SMLE No. 1 Mk. III? If so, you going to get one?

  2. wrong version, but a no4mk1 is now available for $1400 😦

  3. Hello
    Can you tell me the name off all this outfit ?!

    • Hi,

      Do you mean a kitlist? Here is a rough one:

      Slouch Hat
      JG Tropical Battle Dress Trousers
      JG Aertex Tropical Battle Dress Jacket
      P37 Basic Pouches
      P37 Belt
      P37 Cross Straps
      P37 Water Bottle + Early Skeleton Carrier
      Small Pack
      “Chindit style modified” Large Pack
      Ground Sheet
      P37 Gaiters
      Ammo Boots
      “Anglicized” M1928 Thompson

  4. thanks for this! really interesting!

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