High quality WW2 colour photos I

Spent more (too much) time digging in the Life archives and came up with quite a few incredible PTO related color photos from WW2. A few I already knew but most not in this kind of quality. I will split them up in several posts. As a little teaser let’s start with a handful of photos from Guadalcanal. Many even more amazing pics to come, stay tuned 🙂 Click to enlarge:

~ by m1pencil on October 21, 2012.

2 Responses to “High quality WW2 colour photos I”

  1. Great pics indeed. I love those early Daisy Mae hats. That flag pic, is that from the Gifu?

    • Not sure about the flag pic, the caption just said: “American soldiers holding captured Japanese flag on Guadalcanal Island during WWII”

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